Residential Experiences

Residentials at Lakeside

At Lakeside we pride ourselves in offering children the opportunity to experience a residential experience during their primary education.




In Year 2 children enjoy a night with their friends sleeping overnight in the school hall.

Year 3 brings a World War II experience at Beaumanor Hall followed by midnight air raid experience back at school. 

The beauty of the Peak District is explored in Year 4, with the discovery of underground treasures in Castleton’s Caverns.

Year 5’s have explored the historic city of York and we also plan to have a night at the Space centre in coming years. 

Camping, with our very own equipment, has been experienced by Year 5’s and 6’s in the past. Eating a cooked breakfast in the open air, building a raft to cross the stream and singing around the camp fire with toasted marshmallows as a treat cannot be beaten.














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