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This half term in Nursery our topic is:

Nursery rhymes.

This half term Nursery are going to be exploring all about themselves and the world they live in. They will be using the 'core' books Owl Babies, Goldilocks and the three bears and Peace at last to explore different families, the world around them and our immediate environment. There will be small world provocations set up to support the children with acting out the stories, retelling them and bringing them to life. Another core text we will be exploring is 'The rainbow fish'. This will be used to support the children in one of our prime areas of PSED. We will be talking about kind choices, kind words and how to be a kind friend. We will have the opportunity to create our own rainbow fish using a variety of different materials and colours. 
In our independent learning time, we will be exploring all of our 17 areas. We will have the opportunity to make large movements with ribbons to support our physical development, there will be large paper for the children to mark make with pencils, pens and paint and we will be learning new rhymes to support us with our maths. We will have the opportunity to go outside daily and use our maths knowledge in the sand and water and we will be developing our wider world vocabulary in the small world and loose parts areas when we are exploring minibeast, animals and buildings. 

In our nursery we have children who are 3 year olds and 4 year olds. We offer 15 and 30 hour contracts for children - please contact the school office for more information on this offer.

Helpful websites and links to support your nursery child: 

Hungry little minds website - With links to activities and ideas to support nursery aged children. 

Numberblocks season 1 - To support counting skills and number recognition to 5. 

BBC tiny happy people - To support children's communication skills.

Phonics play - phase 1 games - To help to develop early listening and sound discrimination skills. 

Words for life - To support early literacy development

ERIC toilet training advice - To support you when toilet training your child. 


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