Reception (EYFS)

This half term in Reception our topic is:

Traditional tales


This half term in reception we are looking at the topic 'Traditional Tales' where we will be exploring hot places, animals and growing through stories. We will start our first week with our story Handa's Surprise. The children will visit Kenya and explore a map of Africa. We will be creating our own African patterns, trying exotic fruit and exploring simialrities and differences. In the second and third week we will be following Little Red on her journey to Auntie Rosie's house. We will explore where different animals live and work on our Literacy skills of retelling and writing a story. For the remainder of the half-term we will be exploring the book Jack and the Beanstalk. The children will grow their own beans and record what happens over time. Furthermore, we will be celebrating Easter. We will go on our own Easter egg hunt and have our own Easter parade.
In our independent learning time, we will be exploring all of our 17 areas. The children will be able to create their own numberblocks and match them to the numerals, they will be working on writing their names, words and sentences independently and they will be retelling stories using puppets and pictures. They will use cookbooks to support them with making food in our dough area and they will use their imagination to role play in the home corner. We will be exploring the weather outside in our outdoor area and we will be using the bikes to support us with our gross motor control. 



Helpful websites and links to support your child:

Hungry little minds - With links to activities and ideas to support reception aged children. 

Numberblocks - To support maths learning - counting, ordering, recogninsing numbers and amounts and much more.

Alphablocks  - To support phonics learning - recognising graphemes, blending, segmenting and pure sounds. 

Words for life - To support early literacy development

Phonics play - games and activities to support phonics development. Choose phase 2, 3 or 4 for reception learning. 


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