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We are a National Online Safety Certified School for 2022/23.


This demonstrates our committment to delivering high-quality online safety provision across the Academy, and our continuing focus on staff training to ensure everyone is up-to-date with the latest risks posed to children online. 


Our Online Safety Curriculum:

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At Lakeside, we believe that the safety of children is of the upmost importance and their Online Safety is paramount, especially in this technological time and with pupils being able to take their iPads home for potentially unsupervised use.

Each half-term, the children are taught a discreet Internet Safety lesson in week 1 of every half-term, where they are introduced to a new strand from the Education for a Connected World (2020) document. We then have additional themed days throughout the year to ensure children are reminded of the importance of staying safe online – including celebrating Safer Internet Day.   However, online safety is not something that should be taught discretely. Therefore, teachers are encouraged to discuss online safety with their pupils on a regular basis – especially in Key Stage 2 as many of our children use social media on a daily basis while at home. Online Safety is also delivered within our Trust PSHE curriculum, with dedicated units of learning focused on the online safety strands. 

Browse our 'LPA Online Safety Mapping Document' to see exactly where we cover the different strands within our Computing Curriculum (NCCE), PSHE curriculum and other curriculum wow days. We have dedicated lessons at the start of each half-term to focus on the gaps in each online safety strand in order to maximise coverage. 

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Also, at Lakeside, we are part of the I–Vengers initiative, which empowers children to become Online Safety Champions. We work in partnership with home to ensure that children are aware of the dangers and that both children and adults know what to do to ensure their safety. Weekly social media #WakeUpWednesday posts ensure that parents are given support and guidance via our Academy Twitter Page and the Academy Website on how to keep their children safe at home, using quality resources from the National Online Safety Centre.

Promoting Online Safety at Home:

Equipping children to be responsible and safe in the digital world is an important, on-going committment. It is important that children hear online safety messages in school and at home, in order for the key messages to really sink in. At Lakeside, we have invested in National Online Safety to guide our E-Safety practice for staff and students. We are delighted to be in a position to offer free access to the full range of Online Safety materials to support parents/carers with a huge range of topics. 

For more information, please read the 'National Online Safety Access - Parent/Carer Letter' and then use the button below to sign-up.

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