Medicines in School

Firstly it is important to realise that there is no legal requirement for schools to administer any medicines, and no member of staff can be directed to undertake this job even if the Trust wants them to.


However we understand that there are times when this service would be helpful, some of our First Aiders have agreed that as long as the following procedure is followed, they are prepared to administer medicines at 12.10pm in school:

  • The agreement that the Local Authority have with the NHS is that medicines that have to be given up to three times a day should be given when children get up, when they get home from school and before they go to bed.  LPA sticks to this agreement.
  •   If the medicine is to be given in school AND it is a prescribed medicine in its original container we would prefer that parent/carers pop into school to give the medicine to their child at 12.00pm or at an appropriate time following medical advice.
  •   If the parent/carer cannot administer the medicine and it has to be given at a time other than 12.10pm we will accept a parent/carer to nominate a relative or friend (who is not in the employ of the school) to come into school to administer the medicine.  This arrangement would have to be confirmed in writing.
  • If you cannot do the above, then on receipt of the signed form (blank forms available from the School Office) the above named staff have agreed to administer medicines at 12.10pm but no other times owing to other school duties.
  •   In exceptional circumstances where a child has a possibly life threatening  condition (some types of diabetes for example) we will assist in the  administration of appropriate medication at any required time.
  •    We will not administer any ‘over the counter’ or ‘home prepared’ medicines.
  •    Arrangements for residential trips are slightly different and you will be informed of this alongside information regarding that specific trip.
  • We hope that this is helpful and reasonable for you all and school would take this opportunity of thanking Mrs Johnson and Mrs Knibbs for their agreement to help in this process.


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