Year 4

This half term in Year 4 our topic is:

Ancient Greece 

Our History topic this half term will be based around the Ancient Greeks. We will look at where the Greeks place in History and compare this to civilisations studied previously in Year 3.  We will learn about what life was like in Ancient Greece for different groups of people including their beliefs and compare the city-states of Sparta and Athens.  Towards the end of our topic, we will look at how the Ancient Greeks have impacted our lives today and influenced the Modern World.  As a fantastic finish we will be having a Greek WOW Day on October 25th - see class dojo for further information!

Over this half term, we will be focusing on various stories from Ancient Greece and Greek mythology including the story of Medusa and The Wooden Horse of Troy. We will find out about Perseus and Medusa  and retell the story as a play script as well as writing a character description of Medusa and setting description of Medusa's lair! We will finish the term writing instructions for making a Greek clay pot.

In Science this half term we will be looking at the topic, States of Matter. We will exploring solids, liquids and gases and carrying out investigations to find out the similarities and differences between them.  We will then use this knowledge to categorise and sort various objects based on their properties.

PE Days - Please wear your PE kit to school

Please remember to wear your full PE kit on these days.

Evans Class 4A - Monday and Friday 

Platt Class 4B - Monday and Friday

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