Lakeside Parliament

Message from the Chair of Lakeside’s Parliament

Hello, my name is Amy and I am the Chair of Lakeside’s Academy Parliament.  My job is to make sure no one has any issues or worries and that the views of children at Lakeside are heard.  I do this alongside 18 other children who form the Lakeside Parliament.  Our main focuses are: IT, Eco and Healthy Bodies and Minds, so we are trying our best to improve those areas.  Each of these areas have a Ministry containing 5 children from across school and they are led by a Minister from Year 6. 

   Amy - Chair                                    Isaac - Eco Minister                           Seth -  Healthy Bodies                       Jacob - IT Minister 

                                                                                                                     and Minds Minister 

  parliamnet 3.PNG                                 parliment 1.PNG                                            parliament 2.PNG                               parl4.PNG

  Parliament Structure.JPG

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