INTENT:      The vision for Music at Lakeside

At Lakeside, the study of Music allows our children to develop a love of music and inspires them to be great musicians. Music surrounds us and we believe that music has the ability to bring pupils and communities together as well as inspire children, boost academic achievement, creativity and foster a sense of belonging.

We aim to inspire children and instil within them a passion for music. They learn about music from different cultures, times and listen to the work of great musicians. Children compose, perform and listen to a range of music genres. They participate in regular singing assemblies (KS1). At Lakeside, we aim to promote the pure enjoyment of music by:

Giving children opportunities to express themselves through a variety of performances;

Teaching children progressively to build their self-confidence and musical knowledge;

Giving all children a variety of musical and performance opportunities;

Allowing children to collaborate with their peers and professional musicians;

Providing opportunities to listen and appreciate music from a variety of cultures and traditions, and from composers from past and present;

Ensuring a deep understanding of the inter-related musical dimensions;

Learning to play a musical instrument and the skill and enjoyment this brings;

Being imaginative and encouraging originality through exploration and playing with sound;

Learning how to record music in different ways including new technology.

Teaching singing through different genres and giving children the aspirations that music is for everyone.

Curriculum Design, Coverage & Progression 

The music overview detail how the curriculum objectives are mapped out where possible in each year group to show full coverage and progression of skills.  Each year group from EYFS to year 3 have specific units of work around the musical elements to deliver through music express programme of work. The key musical vocabulary to be taught is added to the overview to show a clear progression of technical terms. It links to all seven areas of learning and development in EYFS and the music area in the national curriculum.  From year 4 all children experience learning to play an instrument, this tuition is provided by the Derbyshire Music Partnership. BBC ten pieces resources are used to support music appreciation and further development of the musical elements within year 5 and 6, alongside this children learn about the history of music and how Britain's culturally diverse society has influenced music. 

The music curriculum encompasses all the elements of our whole school approach to developing PROUD learners with lifelong skills; Pride, Reading, Oracy, Understanding yourself, Drive and motivation. For example: Pride in what we are learning, taking ownership in what we would like to sing and perform and how we can be independent learners to fulfil this in the future. Use our musical knowledge and vocabulary to talk confidently about music.


The music overview outlines the knowledge and skills that will be the focus for each half term. Key vocabulary is shared with the children at the beginning of the year and is referred during music lessons and where opportunities arise in class, this includes technical terms that will be taught during the year.  The children will be encouraged to refer back to these terms during discussions of music they hear and perform linking back to what they already know from previous year groups. The whole school  Music Express planning document ensures the curriculum is covered and the skills/knowledge taught is progressive from year group to year group. At Lakeside, we ensure that we provide a variety of opportunities for Music learning inside and outside the classroom, 

Teachers will build opportunities to use their oracy skills to talk about their understanding of music. Scaffolds are a common feature to support children’s learning within lessons for example: the use of language structures  and correct modelling of musical terms.

At the start of each lesson we will reflect on the previous lessons learning and assess the children’s understanding and knowledge of the musical terms through discussions, performances and trio talk. Music enhances other areas of the EYFS and national curriculum by incorporating other areas of the curriculum including maths and English. For examples identifying the beat with the syllables in words, using singing to support counting and other mathematical concepts. It enhances the EYFS curriculum through songs, chants and rhymes.

Children will record their performances on Seesaw which can be shared with parents/carers and the music curriculum leaders. These will be used to reflect upon their learning and development. Staff voice is used to identify effective resources, subject knowledge, support  CPD needed and what is working effectively. Singing is celebrated through assemblies and performing in seasonal events throughout the year: Harvest festivals, Christingle, and Easter celebrations. Every year group will perform songs to an audience and the skills they develop will result in the end of school year Production in year 6.  Music knowledge is enhanced by a music display outlining the music elements in the studio in school which can be referred to during music sessions and assemblies.

For the Synopsis of Music at Lakeside and the Music Curriculum Coverage document, see below:

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