Please come and teach us about your language and culture!

Please come and teach us about your language and culture!

We feel very privileged and proud of the rich linguistic and cultural heritage in our school community. We consider it to be an opportunity for all our children to benefit from diverse perspectives on the world. By celebrating similarities and differences across all languages and cultures and encouraging our children and their families to nurture and value their own heritage as well as those of others, we aim to build a truly global community.

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We love to learn about the world from each other!


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Children teaching children. Each half term we ask children who are speakers of another language to teach two children from each class some of their language, at a weekly club. The two children then go back to teach their class members what they have learned. At the end they play a game of bingo in the target language and the winners get to choose the next language to be studied!

Learning Languages is fun!   

We want children to feel proud of their language and culture!



Our children and parents are helping us to make signs for our school that are just right for the languages in our community.

We support children learning English to make excellent progress.



Interested in helping your children to use your home language?

 Subscribe to these helpful channels. Lots of great ideas!


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