4.5.2020 The Gruffalo learning

Click the links to download the resources to support 'The Gruffalo' home learning for the week beginning 4.5.2020.

Daily learning tasks

Each day we ask that you share a story with your child.

CBeebies Bedtime stories are excellent to support with this. https://www.youtube.com/results?sp=mAEB&search_query=cbeebies+bedtime+story

We ask that you spend lots of time talking to your child and having conversations with them. 

'Big little moments' can support you with little tweaks to make a big impact on your child's language and communication skills. 


Sing songs and Nursery rhymes every day with your child. 

Asking your child to help you at home with jobs is a great way to embed maths learning.

For example; counting the things you get out of the wahsing machine, sorting things in the house which match by colour, size and shape, counting the steps up and down, spotting house numbers on your daily walks, counting how many different shapes you can find in your house. 

Use Numberblocks episodes to keep your child's maths brains switched on! 


Weekly home learning resources

The below links are resources linked to the story 'The Gruffalo'. The learning is specific for Nursery children. 

Please click each and download the learning grid along with the resources to support. 

A new themed learning grid will be added each week.

Files to Download

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