Year 5 (UKS2)

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The big question we are exploring this half term is:


Who were the Vikings and Anglo-Saxons?

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This half term, year 5 will be historians as they research and learn about the Vikings and Anglo Saxons. We will begin our learning with a themed day all about the Vikings and Anglo Saxons.


Children will get to try archery, make jewellery using runes and go on a treasure hunt to discover about the mysterious Gods of the savage settlers!


We will then look at the different settlements and the 7 kingdoms ruled by different kings, how the Anglo-Saxons introduced Christianity to Britain and how the Viking invasion changed life in Britain even further.


To begin our learning in English this half term, we will research facts about the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings. Children will use the green screens in school to create their own factual video for other students. We will then use the new information to write non-chronological reports, linking to our historical learning.


After this, we will read and perform the story of Beowulf. Children will then create a setting description of a ferocious, blood -soaked battlefield.

To conclude our learning about the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings, children will design and create a sail for a longship. We will experiment using natural dyes to stain and paint fabric, just as they would have done in 800AD!

In science this half term, we will explore forces in our topic ‘May the forces be with you’. Children will investigate the forces which are around us every day, including: gravity, air resistance, water resistance and friction.

We look forward to a fantastic half term

filled with PROUD learning


We will continue swimming lessons this half term. Those who are unable to swim will be given the opportunity to learn and to gain confidence in the water, while those who already know how to swim will be able to develop their skills and improve their confidence. In addition to these lessons, children will have one PE session based on Real PE. 


5A - Monday (swimming), Real PE (Wednesday) 

5B - Monday (swimming), Real PE (Wednesday) 

5C - Monday (swimming), Real PE (Thursday) 


Here you will find the link to our half termly 'What we are learning about' where you will find more detail on the learning focus for all subjects.

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