Year 4 (LKS2)

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This half term in Year 4 our Big Question is: 

How Terrible were the Tudors? 


We will be studying the Tudor period with our main focus on the reign of Henry VIII. We will look at where the Tudors fit into a time line and in comparison to other periods of history we have studied. We will look at the wives and children of Henry VIII and how his decisions changed England. We will also be comparing society then and now, looking at the lives of rich and poor, entertainment and punishment. 

To link to our topic of the Tudors we will be writing a newspaper article about the beheading of Anne Boleyn after learning and performing the poem ‘Divorced, Beheaded, Died. They will revisit their understanding of the inverted commas in their use of direct and indirect speech. They will also be looking at biographical writing and writing their own biography of Henry VIII. We will end the Topic with some letter writing from the perspective of a wife of Henry VIII. 

In maths this half term, we will be using our understanding of all topics to solve multi-step understanding that requires an understanding of a range of Maths topics. We will also consolidate previous learning, extend, and challenge our understanding of the fundamental parts of Maths. 

To link to our Tudor topic, we will be looking at the medium of cross-stitch in art. We will design a template including the number of stitches required and the techniques for stitching needed to make the design. 

This half term we are continuing to learn how to play the samba drums. We are going to build on our skills developed in previously in the year and build towards a presentation at the end of the year. 



4A – Monday and Thursday   

4B – Tuesday and Thursday 

4C – Wednesday and Thursday   

We have one PE session based on Real PE. In the second session, our focus will be Tennis. 

Please make sure children are in plain dark tracksuit bottoms or shorts, plain white t-shirts and if they need a jumper/cardigan, it is a school one.  


Here you will find links to the knowledge organiser, home learning tasks grid and additional resources to support any home learning.


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