The School Day

 School Opening Hours

Class teachers will collect children from their circles in the playground and take them into the classroom.

On very wet days children may go straight into class, however there will not always be a member of staff in the room as they will be making final preparations for the day.

Nursery (EYFS1)

  • 08.55 to 14.55/15.25

EYFS 2 (Reception) &  KS1 (Year 1 and Year 2)

  • Morning session: 08.50 to 11.35
  • Afternoon Session: 12.25 to 15.20

KS2  (Years 3, 4 5 & 6)

  • Morning session: 08.50 to 12.25
  • Afternoon Session: 13.15 to 15.20

Gates and Access to the school site

  • The ‘Main Gate’ (with the security push button on the access road) ‘Children’s Centre Gate’ (London Road) and the ‘Park Gate’ (Canal Gate) are open at 08.45 and will close at 08.55
  • After 8.55 entrance to the school is via the ‘Main Gate’ (access road).  Children will enter the site and go to their class cirles.  Staff members will be on the playground to supervise children getting to their circles.  KS2 children can enter through any gate, EYFS pupil please enter through the main gate and KS1 pupil through the canal gate- staff from the year group will be around the gates to support chidlren.  SLT (senior leadership team) staff members will be available at the gates.
  • All gates will be open at 3.15pm to allow parents to access the site to collect children from their classroom doors.  The gate will close at 3.30pm.  After 3.30pm the car park gates will be open and any access in and out of the school site needs to be via the car park. (please be aware of any moving vehicles) 
  • The bollards at the top of the access road will be raised- from 8.30-8.55am and 3.10-3.30pm daily and no vecilies access will be allowed between these times- this is to protect the safety of children arriving and leaving the school site.


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