Music, Art & Design



The Arts curriculum at Lakeside brings together Music and Art and Design but also links to other subjects such as PE (Dance in particular), IT and History.

Through the Arts based subjects we aim to support children to:

· Develop creativity and be able to express themselves confidently through music, art and dance

· Develop a lifelong love of the creative arts

· Be exposed to a wide range of creative arts from history and around the world and have an understanding of the cultural and historical context

· Have a critical eye and ear for art and music and be able to explain their preferences using the language of evaluation and comparison.

· Have opportunities form an early age to sing and perform music on their own and with others

· Understand how music and art is created and produced and know the technical language associated with production.

· Learn to play a musical instrument (currently in Year 4)

· Have the opportunity to create and refine their skill over a period of time in order to complete a final piece of art, of which they are proud.

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