The humanities curriculum at Lakeside allows children to investigate and understand the world in which they live. 

Through the Geography, History and Religious Education curriculums they will learn and develop:   

·         understanding of chronology

·         understanding local history and geography

·         that they live in a city, county, country and how they are connected to the rest of the UK/world.

·         world religions / religions in local community/within our school

·         the different cultures in the local area, UK and wider world

·         to use their personal experiences in their learning and to support others to understand.

·         inspiration for their future – to go and visit, see, explore the world

·         map reading skills

·         environmental impact – climate change– changes over time on the environment

·         to recognise the links between the humanities - when people lives, where people live and how they live

·         create opportunities to discuss, debate and reason

For more detailed information about each subjects curriculum, visit the subject webpage:


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