English (Reading, Writing, Oracy, Languages)


At Lakeside our aim is to develop confident communicators who can understand and use language, full of rich vocabulary, competently for a range of purposes.

Children will be exposed to quality stimuli such as language rich books and images, as well as memorable experiences to develop their oracy and background knowledge. The children’s interests will help to mould the curriculum, giving them ownership, motivation and a real purpose to their learning.

The children will acknowledge the importance of English skills (Oracy, Reading and Writing) and how they are related to everyday life – as core survival skills. Every child should leave the academy with the ability to read fluently.

Our children will demonstrate a real passion for reading and writing and will understand the intrinsic links between all elements of English.

For more detailed information about Oracy, Reading, Writing and Languages curriculum, visit the webpages below:

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