COVID19 Updates

Notification of Covid Cases at Lakeside Spring 1 Term 2022

We have been notified of a positive case/s in the follow classes on the dates included below. Children and other members of your household can continue normal activities provided your child does not develop symptoms. They should still come to school.  More information about can be found within the letters below.    

Class Date of first confirmed case
5A 13.1.22
4B 13.1.22
6A and Miss Morris' Maths group 13.1.22
2C 17.1.22
RC 17.1.22
6C and Miss Waites' Maths Group 17.1.22
1C 18.1.22
2A 21.1.22
4A 21.1.22
4C 21.1.22
Afterschool Club 21.1.22
Year 6 outbreak  21.1.22
5A and Mr Hartness' maths group 24.1.22
3B 25.1.22
5C 25.1.22
4B 2.2.22
3C 7.2.22
Nursery 9.2.22
6A and Miss Shanker's Maths Group 10.2.22
5C 10.2.22
4C 10.2.22
Afterschool and Breakfast Club 10.2.22
5A and Mr Hartness' maths group 14.2.22
1B 14.2.22
RC 15.2.22
RB 16.2.22
6A and Miss Morris' maths group 16.2.22
3A  16.2.22
Mr Larson's afterschool multi sports club 16.2.22
1C 16.2.22

Please find below, letters containing further information about the confirmed cases and whole school Covid updates.

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