Useful home learning websites

Physical activities:

The body coach is doing daily PE lessons at 9am on his Youtube channel.

Exercises we use in school with children.

Exercises we use in school with children.

A Youtube Yoga channel which is aimed at children.

Phonics and early reading, EYFS specific resources:

A phonics resource which we use in school. Usually a paid for resource but free at the moment.

Username: march20
Password: home

A phonics resource which we use in school. A lovely interactive game which you can play online or on the app. The app is free to download at the moment.

Suitable for EYFS – KS1 and some Year 3 children who still access phonics to support reading.

Usually paid for, now free log ins for all. This is used widely across schools and has lots of resources to print, download and use to support at home. The search tool is very good, search key words and you will have a wealth of resources.

Suitable for all ages.

Free Early years printable resources.

Multiple curriculum areas: 

Really easy website to navigate around.  There are lots of subjects on offer on here, and links to lots of other just as easy websites.  There are literally hundreds of interactive activities, and you have the option to type in exactly what you are looking for. 

All ages for all subjects. Allows you to revise, take tests and play games on the subject you choose. Has really moved on from just the core subjects. 

set for lower years but is from the British council and has lots of interactive 

The ‘tool’ throws a question at you (e.g. ‘If you could speak to anyone in the world, living or dead, who would it be and why?’). 

Aimed at ESOL students, this website has many resources connected with every day living, such as health, shopping, asking for directions etc. 

This website teaches about healthy eating.  There are 5 modules from food preparation to where food comes from, all with interactive whiteboard activities, worksheets, activities and quizzes. 

Topics include BSL, weather, dressing and grooming, out in the community, healthy eating, Shakespeare, occupations and loads more.  Some of the stuff you have to pay for, but there are a few things on this site to download for free.  You need to look out for the free resources that are in pdf format. 

This is a brilliant website.  It is directed at children. There are interactive activities, such as making mosaics, following instructions, checking knowledge of everyday activities such as how to make a baked potato.  The site is really, really easy to use, and it is all singing and all dancing. 

Great website for Skills for Independent Living.  Areas covered include sleep, diet, emotions, time management, bullying, family issues, our bodies, safety, drugs, and many more. 

Good website.  Gives loads of activities connected with shopping, travel, natural disasters.  It is an ESOL site, but the activities can be used in any lesson. 

You can click on your geographical area to find out things that have happened throughout history.  I clicked on Manchester and the Victorian era.  You then choose a headline and it takes you to an interactive activity where you can ‘interview’ people connected with your story and you have to edit and write your newspaper article.  The blurb on the site says:  ‘Explore historical newspapers packed with true stories. Find out about grim and gruesome facts. Interview famous characters from history. Write your own front page stories.  Discover hidden surprises including sound and film.’ 

Lots of interactive activities for lower level learners.  Aids mouse control and co-ordination skills.  . 

Games that aid mouse control, and aren’t childish! 

Lower level learners, useful when teaching about healthy eating. 

Calendar with useful dates for topical planning. 

Great interactive test site about body language, memory, being an eyewitness. 

what’s in the bag – low level descriptive guessing game.  Encourages thinking and discussion skills.  Great for a filler or as an extension activity. 

Lots of interactive basic activities for lower level students. 

resources that use symbols – great for non-readers. 

all about work and jobs. 

Fun karaoke resources. 

English and Maths:  A Pokémon style maths game that allows you to battle whilst completing maths questions. Lots of English, maths and skills for independent living resources can be found on this website.  Many are interactive and there are lots of worksheets to download. This is a good English website, with lots of worksheets that can be adapted to suit the level of your learners. 

Great website with lots of English, maths and basic skills (e.g. number / colour recognition) resources.  The site is graded in sections, from kindergarten to eighth grade, so there is a lot to suit every level.  It’s an American site but there are lots of English resources on here.   There are loads of interactive quizzes and activities, and lots of worksheets to complement the activities. 

English, maths and ICT resources can be found on this site.  Loads of interactive games for all levels.  There are also video explanations on many topics to show your students.  There are many links to other sites also. 

There are interactive crosswords, audio files, videos and lots more.  Some of the stuff I think you have to buy, but the majority of the stuff is free. 

This is a complete interactive lesson that is really good fun about the use of apostrophes.  It also has sound so will speak its way through the presentation.  To consolidate what the students have learned, there is also an interactive quiz which can be found at .  Great extension work, which includes lots of real-life examples of apostrophe, can be found at 

This is a brilliant website with lots and lots of interactive activities.  It is useful in Entry Level classes and has games connected with labelling fruit and vegetables, naming body parts, creating stories etc and as a lot of them are drag and drop activities .There are things though that may suit higher ability students, such as using compound words and verbs.  There are maths and English resources on this site.,index 

Lots of English and Maths resources.  Easy to use website too. 

Good interactive resources. 

It is a Countdown simulator, in which students can have a go at maths, spelling, or even the conundrum.  It also has the snazzy music off the show to go with it. 

Great website that has interactive simulators such as cash machines, online shopping, writing cheques, chip and pin. 

Interactive site dealing with money – lots of games to play on here. 

Spelling resources. 

Great site with Powerpoints and worksheets.  Lots of stuff to do with word origins. 

Lots of activities to do with purpose of text, recount etc. 

This is a brilliant site, where the students can take part in actual TV game shows.  E.g.  Countdown, Bullseye, Deal or No Deal. 

Read aloud story site. 

Other specific links: - Quiz Questions - To revise key concepts – Various Maths Games - Interactive Games - Interactive Games - Maths by year group. Various Games Games including help with spelling – Writing and Reading Websites - Phonics & Reading

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