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Our Goal

As a school we are committed to improve the children’s basic skills, which will help them now and in the future, in all areas of life. For us, it is vital that learning continues beyond school by having a strong partnership with home. The children will benefit greatly and are more likely to reach their potential when home and school are supporting one another are closely linked. This will give our children the best chance possible to succeed in life.


Basic Skills

Multiplication tables are a core aspect of the maths curriculum from an extremely young age. These help in many areas of maths and form the foundation of other maths concepts. By the end of year 4, the children are expected to know their multiplication tables up to 12x12 (with the matching division facts).


How we can Help

As well as practising times tables through chanting, singing and oral rehearsal, we have invested in an online program called TT Rock Stars. The website allows the children to practise their times tables through a motivating, engaging and competitive element- making learning even more fun!


Logging on

When you log on, you can select different areas known as ‘arenas’ to complete a range of times table tests. As the teacher, we can set the times tables which we want the children to be able to access. Your child should be using the Times Tables Rockstars log-in on a regular basis as part of their school homework. If your child does not have access to an electronic device to use at home, then time can be given to them during playtime or lunchtime in school, where they can use the ICT suite or tablets to log on to TT Rockstars. It is most effective if the children go on to access this at least three times per week.


What is Times Table Rock Stars?

Times Tables Rockstars is a carefully sequenced programme of times tables practise. Each week should concentrate on a different times table, depending on the child’s learning and progress through previous ones. The children can earn coins to create and build up a character (avatar).




What are its aims?

The programme has one aim - to boost times table recall speeds.


What are the benefits of Times Table Rock Stars?

· Incorrect answers are always immediately corrected in front of the pupil so that they start to associate the correct answer to every question.

· The clever code behind the scenes works out which times tables facts each pupil is consistently taking longer to answer and then it gradually starts to present these facts more frequently until pupils have mastered them.

· It will also ask related division questions 20% of the time in order to reinforce division facts that match to multiplication facts.



We expect that children access Times Table Rockstars at least once a week to practise the times tables set by the teacher that week. However, the more children play, the more coins they can earn, the more they get to spend upgrading their Rockstar. Ultimately this will help them become more secure in their knowledge of times tables, therefore help in other areas of maths too – naturally, their confidence and competence will both increase.


The Times Table Rock Stars app is available to download on iTunes and android.

Follow the link below to the website: 


Please note if you have lost your username and log in, please see your child's class teacher/ message them on Dojo and they will make sure you have the infomration to get you connected. 


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